Sunday, March 6, 2011

It's been a good couple of weeks!

I have lots of stitching to share since I last updated my blog. I have finished the 8th page of my Mystic! Seems like once I get a new page started I can't work on anything else until I get it done.

While working on Winter Woodland I knew I was going to run out of a variegated floss. So I contacted Nancy at Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe and I sent her my measly little piece to match and low and behold she had the perfect match and she quickly sent my replacement, plus some! She always adds a free floss. I love her threads and I would highly recommend for you to check out her ebay store. She is now selling dyed buttons too! I haven't tried them, but you can bet I will to add the perfect look to some finishing. Anyway....I finished this piece (my 2nd finish of the year) and will probably frame it and give it to my daughter for her house.
I got all the stitching part done on one of my Mill Hill Houses on my RR. I took a picture of all the stitching done and of course the next photo won't be until all the beads are on it! After this is done only one more house to do.
I try to get a few strands in on my M-design snowflake piece every now and again. It's hard for me to see the holes in the dark fabric and I have to hold my piece up to the light, so it's slow going, but if I continue adding a piece here and there, it will get finished.
And lastly, Karen's World Tree has been neglected and since I had finished my page on my Mystic, I got it back out. It's hard to tell, but I finished all the confetti in the upper right side and filled in some more green and black. I will be sending this out this month when I get another kit ready to mail at the same time. You can go to the album if you want to see before and afters.

Here is Amberlyn and Grandpa sharing a moment while we were out to eat. Can't believe in 3 short months she's going to be 2 already!!!


  1. Great progress on everything! Congrats on the finish!

  2. Your Mystic Stitch looks lovely, I'm so tempted to get that piece...

    Congrats on the finish and awesome shot of Amberlyn with Grandpa. You can see so much love in their eyes!

  3. All the stitching looks so great!

  4. very beautiful stitching !

    marylin France

  5. you have been busy!!!!!! Everything looks the BRD piece....what a welcome addition for your daughter.
    yes, all the grandbabies will soon be 2...yours & mine!!!

  6. WOW! Very nice, very beautiful stitching !
    Welcome to my blog:

  7. Hello Nancy,
    My name is Rocío and I'm from Barcelona in Catalonia (Spain).
    I like stitch and these last days I like visit blogs about it.
    Congratulations for your wonderful work. You stitch very, very nice things.
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    I'm very interested in purchase the "Quaker motif scissor pocket "A token of love" by Barbara Bernard". By the web it's impossible for me to know the e-mail by Barbara Bernard.
    Could you help me to know how can I buy it? I have seen your photos and perhaps you can say me how could I get it.
    Looking forward your answer, Rocío
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  8. Congrats with the most beautiful finish. LOVE your Winter Woodland. What a luck that you could get the right floss. Amber looks great :)


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