Sunday, March 27, 2011

One down, last one to do!

(sorry pictures are a bit off, I do my updates in Multiply and copy to Blogger and it never translates well)

Well since my last post I got all the beads on the house and I have started the last house. I will have this done WAY before Christmas, but I might need all that time to figure out if I'm framing or something else.

I also finished another section on my Mystic. It's the same page but I stopped right at the black design break.
I decided to start on Witches Wheel and I finished a full page. I think there are 6 pages, total but not all are full pages.
We have begun some updating around the house and bought a new foyer and dining room light. Had to get rid of the glass and polished brass from when we built the house 16 years ago. Wonder why you can't find a single polished brass fixture anymore! LOL
After, and yes that is my Chatelaine Tuscany Town Mandala hanging on the wall.

We are also redoing our bedroom and bathroom, but those photos will have to come later when we actually get some good progress.
We've had Amberlyn quite a bit the last week or so. Had her spend the night one night, had her over one evening since my daughter had her wisdom teeth out and then on Saturday we took her for the full day to see my parents, my son and went shopping and out to eat. A FULL day for the 3 of us! We all know why we have kids when we are young! Here she is on the bike we bought her for Christmas and it's still too cold outside to ride!!!


  1. Looks like Amberlyn doesn't mind to race the bike inside grandma's house!

    Your stitching looks lovely as always! Good luck with remodeling the house.

  2. Can't believe how big Amberlyn is getting. Holy Cow. I remember when she was born!! :)

    Love your mill hill piece. It is just gorgeous. All your stitching looks fabulous. Love your new chandelier too. :)

  3. You are doing some awesome stitching pieces.

  4. Amberlyn is such a cutie :) Love the beads on the Christmas house. Great progress on all of your wips.

  5. I love your Mill HIll houses. I have the kits so maybe some day!! Amberlyn is still the prettiest little lady. I can not believe how she has grown and will be almost 2. Seems like just yesterday she was born!!

    Love and Hugs!!

  6. Amberlyn is getting so big.. so fast!

    Your new light looks great. I've been contemplating getting new ones for my dining room and hall ways. I've got that brass, too (in the hallways).

    Congrats on your finish. Love those houses!

  7. Amberlyn is growing so fast!
    Your houses look great, fantastic work on your WIP's

  8. Amberlyn is so cute. Hope it warms up there soon so she can go outside!
    I like the new fuxture and the color of your walls.
    Your stitching looks great too!

  9. Amberlyn looks adorable as ever :)

    Your stitching looks fabulous! Love the fabric for Witches Wheel.

    I like the new chandelier so much more than that shiny brass one. That was the style back in the day though as my parents still have similar stuff in their house, lol!

  10. You do very impressive work! I enjoyed all your projects. They must keep you busy. Me, one at a time.

  11. Love the Mill Hill piece, as always and your other WIPs look great.

  12. Nancy, I thought I recognized the Chatelaine - just wasn't sure which one. It looks gorgeous where it is. Love the house and new chandelier. My house is in the same era with yours but a bit older at 22 years. I put in more primitive fixtures in punched tin in some places and more colonial in other places. My tastes have changed, but the house isn't going to at this time. We're looking to downsize to an all-on-one floor. I'm sick of stairs at my age, LOL! Don't know when I'll start falling down them and had a knee replacement in Oct. due to arthritis.

    Your stitching is so much fun to see, and I love the fabric the Witch's Wheel is on. It's perfect for the design. You have a great eye for color!

    Amberlyn is a treasure who is always a joy to see!

  13. Fantastic usual. Your Mystic looks really great. Love your Tuscany Mandala too, and your new hall looks great too.

  14. Nancy, what fabric are you doing your Mystic Stitch on?

  15. Wanda you asked me a question and there was a "no reply" from blogger and when I went to your profile, no way to contact I hope you return to see if I answered! My Mystic is on 22ct aida with 2 strands and full x's.


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