Saturday, October 23, 2010

On a roll!

I did even more finishing this week. I finished a LHN piece into a flatfold for ME! I've done several and have never kept one. I still need to get some trim for around the edge, but once I find it, it will be quick to finish. Every photo should be clickable to enlarge.

And then I finished another ornament. I don't know why the left side looks lopsided, it really doesn't look like that in real life. Maybe it was the way it was laying on the counter. I have only 2 stitched ornaments and one little wine piece to "finish" into something and ALL my things are completed!!! No stitched pieces languishing in a drawer somewhere.
This week most of my time was spent on my Chatelaine Fairy Flower Garden. I am now 1/3 of the way done. The whole bottom is finished except for the crystals which go on last.

I also received the final RR of the year. Natalie's 2nd piece to go around, since the first one was done!!!! It's 2nd chances by Ink Circles. I have finished 6 motifs just this week! I love the shades of purple used in it. Plus it's using my favorite floss, Carries!!!

And since last time I posted I didn't have any photos of Amberlyn, I'll show you this one from this week. I took the picture myself while holding her. She got the boo boo at home a couple days earlier and NOT at Grandmas!!!!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

A week of accomplishments, inside and out.

I got some finishing done this week. This turned into

This one finally got framed. I had to add the dime for size comparison and I won't be tackling another 40ct gauze project.
And one of the ornaments I recently stitched is an actual ornament now.

And outside.....remember this? And how pretty is was? Well the poor tree is an Ash tree and has the dreaded disease and must come down. So now that area looks like this. ==>

And we moved the ring to another tree. Carl hated mowing around it anyway.
After the tree is taken down and the other one moved into the same place, another ring will go up so I can have my impatience plants back! Not much stitching happened this week. But I did order the new Witches Wheel and will be purchasing the PTP Solar fabric for it next month when I head to SB&B's. If you haven't seen the pattern, here it is. I figure I need more Halloween stuff for Amberlyn to look at. That's my excuse anyway.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Back from Paradise

Or as other people might know it, St. Maarten. The prettiest island I have ever been to and we had a great time in the sun, sand and just relaxing. I would recommend it as a vacation place to anyone who loves water and sun!

I took a few smalls to work on while there. I only truly finished one while I was gone, the other 2 had to wait, I lost the pattern for one and the other I didn't pull all the colors! And on my way home, St Maarten took my scissors! I have flown LOTS with them since 9/11......Oh well, I got them finished up this week.

Since we've been back the weather in MI has been awesome as well. Today is in the 80's and sunny and this week is supposed to continue in the 70's. Can't ask for better for October. We went to our friends house who boards horses and took Amberlyn with us.