Monday, February 21, 2011

Ice, ice baby....

No, not like the Vanilla Ice song. This is the literal stuff. Yep, we got LOTS of rain yesterday. Doesn't really go well with 32 degrees. So today both mine and Carl's work are without electricity. We have it here at home. My son, sister and parents who live an hour from here are also without power. Mom and Dad's house was already down to 58 degrees before noon. More of my ice photos can be seen HERE
Now onto my stitching.....I probably got the darkest part of my Mystic done. Lots and Lots of black. The whole album of progress photos are HERE.
Then my travel piece that's been going back and forth from my parents is close to completion but I am going to run out of the red that the wording and barn needs to finish it. I have to mail my measly little piece back and see if she has a close match in her current inventory! Oh well. And I know no post is complete without Amberlyn, (well it's not complete to me!!!) Here she is being goofy. Her mom is 23 today! Happy Birthday to my baby!


  1. Hi Nancy, love the icy pictures, they are very pretty and so are all of your stitchy items.
    Hope you are keeping warm.
    Be always in stitches.

  2. Wow, we have icy streets but nothing like what you got. Count myself lucky. Well, you are too in that you got the day off work :)

    Stitching looks great. I hope they can match your thread.

  3. The goofy pics are always the best! Happy Birthday to your DD.

    Ice! No kidding...that is nuts. Our snow levels here keep dropping. If it rains today we may see some snow which is highly unusual at our elevation but it has happened before. Mother Nature is so unpredictable.

    Your Mystic Stitch piece is coming along beautifully. What is the name of this piece? I'd like to see what the completed one looks like.

    Your travel project is lovely. Hopefully you can get matching red thread.

  4. Happy birthday to your baby! Your stitching is awesome, as always. And Amberlyn - my goodness, she is growing so fast!

  5. Wow, Nancy... the ice pics are really beautiful! The conditions were just perfect for such a thick coating of the ice.

    LOVE, love, love the Mystic Stitch you're working on! And happy birthday to Amberlyn! She's a doll!

  6. Glad to hear that you didn't lose power with all the ice. Both you pieces look good, and what a darling picture of Amberlyn.

  7. Nancy your granddaughter is really growing and so cute.Dont they grow up fast???? And of course your stitching is gorgeous. I finally have gotten back to cross stitching. Just flat knitted too much. LOL My new job at the motel is a busy one but I love it. And last keep that ice and snow over there on the east coast. We were below 0 this winter which is not heard of here in the desert .

  8. Thanks for showing us the ice where you live, we do not have that much ice or snow, but it is very cold.

    Amberlyn is still cute even if she is being goofy.


  9. I don't envy your ice. We got lots & lots of snow this year but luckily no ice. Hope you thaw out soon. Love your Mystic Stitch. The colors are so vibrant.

  10. Wow, I soooo don't miss the ice in Wisconsin. Good progress on the stitching, and I share your frustration with running out of threads.

  11. Happy (belated) birthday to DD. Amberlyn is so cute.
    Your Mystic looks fantastic! I hope you have your floss to finish the travel-project soon.

  12. wow, Mystic is looking absolutely great. What a lot of work!


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