Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Forgive my delay!

I just haven't been in the blogging mood! Figures when I offer to give away a chart, I get lazy! Anyway the winner is.....Carissa. She entered on my blogspot blog. So Carissa, email me your address and I will get it off in the mail to you!
Onto what I've been up to for the last 6 weeks now! First up, I framed Witches Wheel.(all photos are clickable to enlarge)  I think this is the exact frame they used for the chart photo.I don't want to rush summer away, but I really want to put this one out of display. The last time Amberlyn was over she was standing on my couch looking at one of my Paula Vaughn cross stitch pictures and starts saying "kitty, kitty". Then I notice that it's the one with cats on the quilts! So I want to see if she can see the designs in this one. I also tried a new finishing technique that will substitute for framing. I just picked a material to put on foam core and then mounted my stitched piece to that and added a cording. It's hard to see the cording in the full picture, so I added a close-up. I am going to put ribbon on the corners with a bow to hang it.
Then I finished the roof area on Amsterdam and mailed it back to it's owner. I only did the roof on the right. It's much more involved than it looks! My hat is off to Gabi for finishing hers!

The piece that has my attention is my Mystic. This picture was taken the end of August and I am now only about 200 stitches away from finishing the last page on the top row! So just double the size of that blue edge and that's really where I am now. I will hopefully post when I get that page done. Each page is a finish in my book!

I know I showed a picture of my patio already. But since my last post we bought some new furniture for it. We decided on 4 chairs and a coffee table type set and not the "eat on" type table. We have really enjoyed it lately with the cooler temps. And this week we even put the hot tub back on the patio and have it filled!! The temperature outside dropped 15 degrees today so tonight while its' in the 50's may be the break-in time for us!

I'm pretty sure that catches you up with my stitching. I'll leave you with a photo of Amberlyn using Grandma as a pony!

Next Saturday I'm taking her, my daughter and my Mom on a girls vacation for the week. We are only going to Illinois (someplace close that Amberlyn could handle her car seat for that long). But the resort looks nice and has an indoor pool, lake, fishing, boats, mini putt and several other things that should keep her happy. One day we are going to drive into Chicago and visit the Brookfield Zoo too! Thanks for stopping in again and I hope you enjoy our return to fall (for those in the Northern Hemisphere!)
Go Detroit Tigers.....we are on the road to the World Series!