Monday, February 21, 2011

Ice, ice baby....

No, not like the Vanilla Ice song. This is the literal stuff. Yep, we got LOTS of rain yesterday. Doesn't really go well with 32 degrees. So today both mine and Carl's work are without electricity. We have it here at home. My son, sister and parents who live an hour from here are also without power. Mom and Dad's house was already down to 58 degrees before noon. More of my ice photos can be seen HERE
Now onto my stitching.....I probably got the darkest part of my Mystic done. Lots and Lots of black. The whole album of progress photos are HERE.
Then my travel piece that's been going back and forth from my parents is close to completion but I am going to run out of the red that the wording and barn needs to finish it. I have to mail my measly little piece back and see if she has a close match in her current inventory! Oh well. And I know no post is complete without Amberlyn, (well it's not complete to me!!!) Here she is being goofy. Her mom is 23 today! Happy Birthday to my baby!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

My Mill Hill Round Robin is home!!!

After being gone for 2's finally returned home and it looks incredible. I know how much time each of these kits take. The stitching, back stitching and beading!!! I appreciate every person that worked on it for me!!! I have a whole album of progress photos and close ups of all the buildings HERE.
I have just 2 buildings to stitch and it WILL be finished for this Christmas. I love the idea so much I have just purchased 3 of the Halloween Buttons and Bead kits for a smaller version to have this fall. They have the slate blue background and not the brown. I used this weekend's Super Bowl sales to get them.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Finishing more than stitching

Somehow during the New Year I think I lost my stitching Mojo....don't know exactly why. It might be because my Dad's health is failing and I am spending more time at their house, or if it's just a phase. But I did have a deadline to get a birthday present done (which I presented in the last entry). Now my problem was "finishing" it. Both my Mom and my MIL can sew. I asked both of them if they would make my butterflies into a pillow. Both were too scared to ruin my stitching......hmmmm, what's a girl to do? Well I guess you bite the bullet and try something new. So since we had a blizzard, I used my "snow day" to try my hand at a pillow. Here is a photo, but I have a whole album on Multiply where you can see what I did step by step. It's really easier than it appears and I am very pleased with the outcome.
Then I have had another piece of finished work (Stephanie's) that she gave me almost a year ago and wanted me to do "something" with it. I've been carrying it around with me trying to find a coordinating material and trims. Well I think I finally came up with a good combo. That color of linen was REALLY hard to match, not beige, kinda green, also grayish....or in other words a nightmare! There is also an album to show all the sides to this no sew cube.
Here is a photo of Amberlyn at our local ice festival a couple weeks ago. They had this big St. Bernard that she got to pet. He was as big (or bigger ) than she was! She is now 20 months old!