Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Didn't think I had much to say or show, but WOW!!! (every photo is clickable)

When trying to think of what I needed to write about more and more things were coming to mind, so this will be picture heavy!!
First, I saw Vonna's blog and her pictures of her stitching chest. I went searching ebay and found one, sent the link to Carl as a suggestion for my birthday this year (not for months) and low and behold he bought it and didn't save it for Feb 14, Mother's day, Anniv or birthday and gave it to me the day it arrived!!! I don't have a place next to my stitching area like Vonna has, but it has a home in my craft room and I love it. Thanks Sweetie!!!! And I have a full drawer still not used!

Second, I was in a Valentine Exchange and Carolyn sent me the neatest tin!!! She put so much thought into the whole Valentine theme putting it together for me, don't you just love it??? More photos of the whole exchange can be seen here
Third, I sent out my Valentine exchange to Anita. It's my 2nd finish for the year. It wasn't Valentine themed, but it was in her favorite colors!

Fourth, I had my son's old girlfriend over with her new baby and gave her my 3rd finish of the year. Her husband is in Iraq now and we had a good time with Lauren, her and the 2 babies!
5th -I worked a bit more on Snowflakes:
6th-Jodie's RR:
My focus piece has been Fairy Garden. Since the corrected pattern was released I was itching to get back to it. I spent most of the time on the first holly hock, which is tons of confetti!! I got to the outer left border and found out there were mistakes in the original that I stitched. Apparently this was discussed in the group, but I don't remember it. I had to rip it out and redo. I think that is the only part so I'm good to go now. I just had to start my first fairy too! My progress photos and overall can be followed in this album

And lastly when I visited Stephanie last month she wanted to throw away (yes I said THROW away) a kit she had started. I told her to give it to me and I'm sure I would have some takers who would be willing to give it a good home and hopefully finish it. Leave me a comment that you want it and if there are several requests I'll draw a name on Sunday.

To end my post, a photo of Amberlyn in a slightly too small of an outfit, but it's all I had to dress her in. Yes, it's supposed to be long pants, and I didn't have it snapped up the back either! Poor thing, and yes, I have requested some clothes that fit from her Mom and we can dress her appropriately now.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Another month, another update

Another month gone by......how can I recap? I traveled another 500 miles to meet another friend, Stephanie in Ky, had a great weekend and Natalie was there for a school conference so I was able to see her again! We organized Stephanie's long neglected floss. It took the 3 of us 6 hours to do, but it was worth it and it was the best thing we could do for a working Dr. with limited time off!!! I gave Stephanie one of the scissors keeps that I had also made for everyone at Jubilee. This one was personalized with the colors both she and Lori loved and I used the Lavender floss Lori gave me for Christmas in the design.
In other stitching progress, I decided to get out my long neglected HAED and finish a page. I took this with me to KY to get their opinions. I think it is stitching much darker than the photo of it and wasnt' real happy. They told me to stitch the page under where I am now instead of going across and have assured me it will look fine in the end. Here is the album link so you can see the photo of the design. So let the debating begin......
On the 23rd of each month, we are doing a remembrance stitching in honor of our friend who passed. For now I will be doing a design that she was also working on. In Jan that piece was Castles in the Air.
I put a little more time in my current RR of Jodie's.
And since none of my stitching was thrilling me much I decided to start something new. I was helped out in that department by receiving a package in the mail from my friend Gabi. She sent me a LNH pattern "snowflakes" that I had admired on her blog. So in the midst of the worst snow of the season I am working on that!!!
One day last week I received a large box in the mail and to my surprise it was filled with finishing supplies!! Lyne sent them to me hoping that they would be used instead of taking up space at her house. I think I can put them to good use!
One more thing I would like to mention is my frustration with Chatelaine designs. I have been unhappy in the Fairy Garden group about having to wait for a corrected chart that I had paid for back in June. She kept promising the correction and I kept waiting. Well finally last night I decided to send a post. Low and behold the new file just happened to be uploaded!!! My disappointment now was that not ONE person wrote that they agreed with me! Once she has your money you apparently aren't as important as pumping out new patterns every couple of weeks (which are also probably filled with mistakes). Off my soap box now.
And since no post is complete with an Amberlyn update, here she is! Now mobile in this world too! Watch out! And yes that's a bruise on her head, from being mobile! Thought I'd show her mom too!