Friday, January 27, 2012

Holidays collide!

Either that or I can't figure out what holiday I want stitch right now. I have finished a Christmas ornament, a Valentine piece and I started a Halloween piece!
First up is the tiny ornament from LHN 2011 series "snow in love" stitched over one on PTP 25 ct Earthen. I seem to be having trouble getting a fabric dark enough to really show the white nicely. I placed the quarter to get a feel for the size.

I finished the February cottage several weeks ago but I couldn't find the right color green felt anywhere. Little did I know there was a website that had EVERY color (thanks to Vonna for the tip) So today I did some finishing using her directions for a flat felt ornament. I did the snowmen ornie first and I like how the cottage felt looks with my 2nd try. There is a technique to get the cuts just right. I think I need to take my time on stitching these cottages up. I got so many good ideas AFTER mine was done from the SAL blog . Like using Rhodes Hearts to do the hearts instead of cross stitches. I already have an idea for March but I haven't gotten the pattern yet!! So I need to see if my idea will work or not.
More photos and angles of this finish can be seen here.

I was going through my material and found a nice piece of PTP Lava so I started Afraid of the Dark by Blue Ribbon Designs. I didn't have any of the recommended floss, so I just pulled threads from my stash and so far I think they look good. My tombstones look blue in this photo, but they are gray.

I have started my craft room remodel. The computer desk got moved, and today I finished removing all the wallpaper.(seen in the first photo and the border around the room) The next step is in my husbands hands, since he does the painting. We are repainting the ceiling then I need to pick out 2 colors. It's going to take more than a gallon so I'm going to do 2 colors. These are before pictures.....I wanted to show what a mess it was.

When I start putting things back in there, I will be stay tuned. I will probably just want enough money to cover the postage. I hope by the next blog update I will be putting things back in place and show some progress photos!!

It's been a weird winter here in MI, the Farmers Almanac said we were to have a record setting snowy winter and so far it's the end of January and I can see all of the grass and Sunday we even had a thunderstorm!!! For some reason the cold is easier to take if you're not dealing with snow all the time.

I finally figured out how to add links to other albums at the top of this blog, check them out!!!
Thanks for stopping by! I love to have you visit.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

First finish of 2012

Now granted, it wasn't started just this year. So I don't want anyone getting their panties in a bunch and say how fast I was!!!! I started it in Dec and I just couldn't seem to put it down! These are so fun to stitch after working on a Mystic or something where you constantly have to be counting. I can outline these and fill in the colors! This is stitched on PTP Doubloon Belfast 32 ct. It measures about 10 X12. Do they make that size frame???

I have my CCN February cottage waiting to be started. I picked a rosey/pink material from PTP called Truffle to use for it. But it doesn't even seem like winter around here. Yesterday was 50 and I walked the dog in beautiful sun and a spring coat.

The Detroit Lions are in the playoffs for the first time since 1999 and they play tonight. So we are having friends over to watch the game. I'm not real confident that they will beat the Saints....but at least we are there! We always root for the home team, even when they went 0-16.

I have my shelves all bought and I've been looking up organizational ideas on Pinterest and have found several ideas. One of the easiest is to buy small tension rods to put all my rolls of trim on! I bought one unit that has several cubbies and I am going to put my material on mini bolts just like you see at the fabric stores too! I need to empty my computer desk and then remove the wallpaper and paint before anything gets put back into its new home. That is my winter project and it will take LOTS of time since I seem to have accumulated lots of stitchy stuff that needs a proper home.