Friday, April 20, 2012

It's all about Seasonal Collide!!! (well not quite)

Looking back on my posts, I haven't had an update on my Mystic Seasonal Collide since the end of the year. At that point I had finished 2 full rows or 14 pages. After the first of the year I got involved in the "no" pressure SAL of the CCN cottages. Seems that I don't understand what no pressure really means because each month that rolled around, I felt pressure to stitch and finish that month. I started slacking on my stitching time and became reacquainted with bejeweled on my phone! After I reassessed why I was doing the cottages, I stopped feeling the pressure and quit working on them (temporarily!) I got my floor stand out, that was feeling at home now in my new room, and as of today

I have 3 more pages done and just 4 left to do!

There is always controversy about how many strands to use on certain count fabric. I am using 2 strands, full x's and 22 ct. Here is a close up.  
I like that there is NO white showing through and it is not bunched up looking.

I did finally finish stitching on April (after stitching the whole house in a variegated that I ended up not liking) then frogging the whole house and redoing it. It's still not "finished" and on my calendar, but that's ok. I'm taking a box finishing class online with Meari so I need to pick out my top and get stitching on that!

I have a whole album of before and after photos of my craft room now. I finally got the hooks for my peg board and all the floss up on it. I am going to order another board since I have more floss to hang and I want room to grow, of course! If you'd like to browse them, they can be found HERE.
There are 40 photos, mainly for me to compare, but it shows my ironing center in the wall and my wall of floss! Plus how I put up all my finished pieces on the wall, so they could be displayed with pride!

On the home front, Carl has been helping both kids redo their bathrooms. We spent a whole weekend with Brett they got everything done except the floor. It went from this to this: and for Lauren her tub has tile around it and the floor is now finished, so she can start using her upstairs bath again. Hers went from this

To this:
And since we've had such a great spring I took some photos outside. I had a visitor or 2 around my pond.
I took this photo from inside, sorry it's blurry! But the male was feeling the female!

And this is our tree in the backyard that luckily has survived the several frosts after the blooms appeared!

 I have been trying to take photos of our granddaughter Amberlyn, but she is at the age where she won't look at you or smile when she knows you are taking her photo! Here are a few of my favorites. Of course Papa got her to smile for him! Thanks for dropping by and peeking at my small corner of the world!