Saturday, July 21, 2012

A new start and new toy!

Trying to keep busy without starting a new Mystic.....LOL. I recently bought a new pattern by Cherry Wood Designs called "I am a Stitcher".

Just a perfect saying to hang proudly in my new craft room. I LOVE the saying, not so much "in love" with the fonts or colors used. So I headed to Stitching Bits and Bobs to get a floss conversion. Cam (the owners husband) was very helpful as we chose some different colors. Of course it had to have some purple/minty greens in it. So this what we came up with on a purple hand-dyed Silkweavers piece. They are all Carrie's Creation threads and one of them is a silk of hers.

I'm not as comfortable changing the font, but I do like the colors much better. It's stitching up pretty quickly considering I am also working on 2 other projects.

Here is my progress on the Christmas stocking. I have to backstitch each part as I finish or I feel as if I will forget something!!
And since I lost a bet, well the TIGERS lost the bet I had with Stephanie when we went to the Reds game, she got to choose what I worked on for one week. I had until August 1 to do so. She gave me Karen's TW English Garden Sampler that is traveling around. Here is what it looked like when I received it.

And here is what I have done during the week. The green is what I have stitched. I am not going to post a photo of the actual piece until I am done and ready to send it on to it's home. But you can see I have filled in most of all the stitching to the left of the gray line.
And lastly, I've been toying with purchasing a new vehicle for a couple months now, but finally we decided on the car and took the plunge. I haven't had a truly "new" car for years. We've been buying most of our cars off of ebay and have purchased used ones. I LOVE the technology in this car! The blue tooth is AWESOME and I can even tell "SIRI" (my Iphone) to read me any text's I get and I can dictate text I want sent and it reads them back to me before I send it! Plus any call I get goes right thru the blue tooth. No looking for my phone in my purse!With the Onstar app I can lock'/unlock, start and stop the car with my IPhone, now how cool is that????? I don't have to worry about locking the keys in my car as long as I have my phone!

And then I have to show my pond as it sits right now. It's only been in since June 1, but we are enjoying the backyard so much. It's really one of the best purchases we've made in awhile. I should clarify...we have been enjoying it as much as the weather allows. We are in an extreme drought in southern Michigan.We have had 1 inch of rain in about 9 weeks and have had 26 days over 90 this year. We had 11 days over 90 ALL of last summer.

And the last photo I'll leave you with is Amberlyn at our friends house on their horse.

Thanks for stopping by! Enjoy the rest of your summer and stop by later to see what I might be up to next!