Sunday, January 10, 2010

Back in the Groove

Where do I start? Right after my last post, I found out a stitching friend (Lori- aka-stitchingqueen)had passed. I had just met her in October (in person) after knowing her for several years online. What a tragedy. Way too young and took way too early from this earth. My thoughts remain with her family who has had yet another tragedy only 17 days later. It put me in a non-stitching mood for awhile (several pieces I am currently stitching Lori was also stitching.But finally after prods from several other stitchers I picked up my stitching . To help another person out with their project and hopefully get her over her *hump* I worked on Shawn's Rocky Mountain Christmas. Album can be found HERE.
I am not sure how much more I will do on this. I am passing it off the end of this month when I get to meet Stephanie!!!

Then I got out Fairy Garden and put another Dragonfly in and got out to the outer border, yeah!!! I am waiting for Martina to upload the new *mistake free* chart before I go any further. Close up of the dragonflies can be seen HERE.
I got just a little bit more done on the Castles SAL.
We are starting our 2010 RR now, I have decided instead of sending one piece around for the year, I am sending on a new start to each person. I am one that hates to start a piece, so this is my solution. There may be some variations throughout the year. I may get overwhelmed with all these WIP, but we'll see how it goes. This is my first project I sent out: Yep, another Mystic!!! I just love the colors in this one. I can't wait to get it back!

Christmas and New Years went well. Carl was sick during the New Years, so I had Amberlyn asleep in my arms and him asleep on the couch. Very exciting, huh? I didn't mind. Who would have thought I would have a darling granddaughter to hold??? Here she is in her Christmas present from Grandpa, the die hard Lions fan.

I'm getting excited again, the end of this month I get to meet yet another online friend (Stephanie) for the first time and spend the weekend with her and Natalie who I have already met. Let's just hope the weather holds out as I am driving!

I think that gets you caught season is winding down, but we will still have the long winter to get through....I hope to be making much progress!