Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A summer update

What's happened since last post? Well my bedroom is finally DONE!!! Funny how one picture (over the bed) inspired my accent colors. I'm happy with it and that's all that counts.

Now the outside project begins. All I have is before pictures since the concrete won't be done until later this week. Keeping my fingers crossed. You know how contractors can be! This is what it looked like before we took the deck down.And this is what it looks like now, with no deck. Just love letting the dog out now so she can bring in all that dirt when the grass is damp in the mornings and evenings!!

On to the stitching:
As most people, not a ton of stitching going on in the summer. But I did manage a finish or two and worked on a couple more pieces. I finished the 2nd piece for my bedroom (another My Aunt's Attic freebie) and took it up to my LNS for matting and to my surprise, it had closed!!! I took my pieces into Hobby Lobby and looked at mats. The mat colors there are slim pickings so I'm going to have to find some other options out there.

My other finish was the Mill Hill Southwest Santa. I worked on my Mystic for a few hours while we were camping out in the basement since we were in-between Air Conditioners a few weeks ago. And I have Anne's Amsterdam piece that I told her I would work on, but I really should only ask for these pieces in the winter when I am actually doing more stitching. All I have gotten done is the building to the right, so far.
This post I'll leave you with a picture of us with our son. We went to Toledo (Tigers AAA team) for his birthday on July 3.

GoBaby Giveaway!

I know most of you who follow my blog are cross stitchers and not quilters, but Deb is both and she is having a giveaway for a Go Baby. If you check it out, you will be able to see how you could use this machine in finishing your cross stitch items. Go check it out and it could be yours too!
Go Baby Giveaway
Good luck to you!