Wednesday, January 26, 2011

1st finish of 2011

Yes, I made my 1st deadline of 2011. I made the butterfly kit for my SIL for her birthday on Feb 5!! I am going to get material this week and try and make a pillow out of it. If anyone wants the pattern and all the left over floss, let me know and you can have it. It did come with a printed Aida but would probably look just as nice on a hand dyed fabric.
The other 2 pieces I've worked on is Winter White Woodland.

and I haven't posted a picture of Karen's HAED World Tree since November, so here's my progress. Color is more true in the before picture.

Short and sweet this time. Need to pack up to head to my parents and help my Mom out. I hope to be back home by the weekend, we have an ice sculpting festival in town on Saturday and I'd like to take Amberlyn to it. Here's the latest of our Granddaughter at 19 mos.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Time to fess up on all my WIP

With all the internet buzz over 15 new starts in January I thought I should go through my drawers and pull out all I had going. Of course there are several BAP. Chatelaine's Fairy Garden, Papillion's Castle's in the Air SAL and my Mystic Seasonal collide. But all these others I have grouped into my "smaller" WIP. Here is my update: Seasonal Collide, 2 more pages completed.
Then a kit I bought for my SIL who loves butterflies. Not a lover of kits but I found this one on sale. Her birthday is I'm on a deadline if I want it to be done by then.

have a fetish with winter pieces so I've done some more on M design's Snow (the 32ct over one kills me so I only do one strand at a time) It is almost 1/4 of the way done now though!

I started a new one after Christmas and I'm using my own conversion of Carrie's threads. It's called Winter White Woodland by Blue Ribbon Designs. I am stitching it on blue instead of tan and it's a bit harder to see the white, but you can see it better in person than in this photo.

I started another Mystic last year I don't think I ever talked about. It's the Pumpkin piece and I had a piece of black 28 ct, so I decided to try that and then I wouldn't have to stitch the black. Don't know if that was a good idea, it's really hard to see AND it's hard to stitch 3371 on the black!!

And the last one is Witches Wheel. I just had to put a few rows of black on it to start and that's as far as I got. Can you even see the stitches??

So that's all I have on the go. Just a few more than the ONE at a time I used to be. I can blame that on the internet and several nameless people!!

Christmas was fun this year, and here is Amberlyn enjoying the paper just a bit more than any gift.