Sunday, September 8, 2013

I'm neglecting bloggerland!

As you can see, since it's been over 3 months! I don't even know if anyone is still following this. I have to admit that Facebook groups and posting in them is so much easier than trying to keep up a blog. For a long time I tried keeping my facebook friends(who have no idea about my hobby) separate from my stitching friends. And now that there are plenty of cross stitch groups on Facebook out there, it's sort of a mute point. I'll get to the point now, it's the stitching you are interested in anyway.

The last time I posted about Cirque was back in January! I hit a snag and couldn't figure out how to put the beads in the pattern as they were too big. Well I finally figured it out and it's finished and framed!! I upcycled an old oak frame and spray painted it white. Then I bought a black suede mat. Love the finished look, if I do say so myself! And to refresh your memory, I used a custom dyed silk thread from Carries Threads. One and 2 strands and Mill Hill beads.

I finished August and September by Country Cottage Needleworks. I changed the 
September house to look like a school house stealing the idea from I have October stitched (so the series is done) but I won't share until its "finished".

I did one of my 6 Mill Hill Halloween pieces. I tried stitching it on the dark material I purchased specifically for them, but I could see the holes and rather than fight with it and probably never get them stitched, I used the paper and I will use a mat to put them all together in a skinny frame. This one is called Halloween Nights.
Then I couldn't resist buying this tuck pillow kit from Pine Mountain. It's a quick stitch and can be finished with the stitching part in just one evening. Now I just need to find a good online tutorial for making the pillows again as I have already purchased enough pink and blue materials to make several more. 
I changed the threads to add the bling to it. What fairy doesn't have some sparkles or iridescent threads??

And here is my progress on Balcony View of a Villa from Mystic Stitch.
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Here's Amberlyn, who is now 4 years old and starts her 2nd year in Head Start tomorrow!! She was so happy with this dog purse I bought her!
Hope you had a great summer and will welcome fall with open arms!