Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Cold weather = stitching time

They keep trying to tell us there is global warming, but try and tell that to those that live in Michigan. I think it will be June before our trees have leaves! Here it is May 4th and the leaves are just barely budding out. The trees still look like winter! Temperatures rarely get into the 60's and that is just not right! Since there isn't much to do outside I'm taking advantage and stitching as much as possible. My 2 projects the past few weeks is Witches Wheel which is now 1/2 stitched (minus all the beads) and Seasonal Collide. I now have 9 pages complete, only 12 to go! LOL And silly me, I bought 4 more Mystics this week!

Our remodeling is coming closer to the end. We have carpet picked out (just need an appt to lay it) and the shower door was the wrong size, so we are waiting for the right size to come in. I bought a new picture for the bedroom and I am going to use some of the free patterns from the Tantes Zolder Blog and make some cross stitch pictures to match. Here is our new sink, we had 2 sinks before and decided we only needed one, so we liked the effect of this one. We took Amberlyn to our friends that own horses and where Carl hunts and she loved the horses and didn't have a scared bone in her body. She would have climbed through the fence, had I let her! Here is the horse taking a little nibble of her hair and she couldn't care less!
She'll be 2 a month from today!
I hope the next time I update I can talk about how warm it's been!! Hope everyone in the U.S. has a great Mother's Day. Thanks for stopping by!