Sunday, February 6, 2011

My Mill Hill Round Robin is home!!!

After being gone for 2's finally returned home and it looks incredible. I know how much time each of these kits take. The stitching, back stitching and beading!!! I appreciate every person that worked on it for me!!! I have a whole album of progress photos and close ups of all the buildings HERE.
I have just 2 buildings to stitch and it WILL be finished for this Christmas. I love the idea so much I have just purchased 3 of the Halloween Buttons and Bead kits for a smaller version to have this fall. They have the slate blue background and not the brown. I used this weekend's Super Bowl sales to get them.


  1. WOW!!! Your RR is just stunning. Well done to everyone who took the time to stitch a square.

  2. Oh my Nancy, that is just gorgeous!! What a beautiful piece to treasure.

  3. There is something very special about rr's and this one was definitely worth the wait to have it back home!

  4. I absolutely love this idea and plan on doing one myself. Gorgeous job!

  5. Hi Nancy,

    I am a new follower of your blog;-))) Saw your RR on Carolyns blog´s just gorgeous....I can´t resist and have bought 4 of these MH kits yesterday....I am planning to do them as a band sampler and we´ll see if I ever get it finished...I am the UFO

    Have a nice weekend,
    Gaby from Germany

  6. I bet it is even better in person!

  7. I love these houses & everyone's input. I haven't done a rr yet.
    chris, newbie, i-love group

  8. That is gorgeous! May I ask where you purchased this from? I would love to stitch it.
    Thanks, Laurel


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