Saturday, October 9, 2010

Back from Paradise

Or as other people might know it, St. Maarten. The prettiest island I have ever been to and we had a great time in the sun, sand and just relaxing. I would recommend it as a vacation place to anyone who loves water and sun!

I took a few smalls to work on while there. I only truly finished one while I was gone, the other 2 had to wait, I lost the pattern for one and the other I didn't pull all the colors! And on my way home, St Maarten took my scissors! I have flown LOTS with them since 9/11......Oh well, I got them finished up this week.

Since we've been back the weather in MI has been awesome as well. Today is in the 80's and sunny and this week is supposed to continue in the 70's. Can't ask for better for October. We went to our friends house who boards horses and took Amberlyn with us.


  1. St Marteens looks beautiful. Looks like you had a great tiem. Nice stitching projects. Amberlyn looks like she liked the horse.

  2. Thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures of your vacation. Love the sand and surf myself. lol

    Stitching looks great; can't believe you were able to get anything done while on vacation. ;)

  3. Your vacation pictures are breath taking. Your finishes came out lovely.

  4. Oh those beach photo look soooooooooo inviting. :) And it sure looks like you had a marvelous time. Your stitching projects are great ! Love the Sugar Plums one. :)

    And of course Amberlyn is such a cutie. :)


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