Monday, September 20, 2010

Once a month is all I can handle

Apparently for blog posts. I see I'm pretty consistent at a monthly update.
What's up the last month??? Well I was pretty attached to my Mystic-Seasonal Collide. I finished page 5 and then had to lock it up! There are 2 more pages to the right, but I think I might start working the next row down when I pick it back up. I really need to get going on some other things!(photos are clickable for enlarging)

Then I received Paula's RR, An Open Heart, by The Drawn Thread, and have started the inner border (there are 2) and have completed 3 bands at the bottom. That beige on beige is harder than you think!

Lastly I finally picked up the Papillion's Castle In the Air SAL. I had ended it in March on the "woven leaves". Not my favorite. But I picked it up, reread the directions and mastered them. I finished Part 5 and have Part 6 almost half way done. All my WIP on all these projects have their own album on my Multiply site. The 2nd picture you can see the woven leaves better.

Nothing much else of excitement happening here. NFL football has started so my Sundays once again are full with company, watching games and stitching. Fall is in the air and leaves are starting to fall. I love the season, but know what comes after. If only we had 2 months of winter instead of 5 or 6.

Amberlyn is almost 16 months old now. Here she is celebrating my husbands birthday Aug 30 holding onto her favorite thing.....the dogs leash. She wants it as soon as she comes in the door. Why do I buy her toys??? Thanks for stopping by and happy stitching!


  1. All of your stitching looks wonderful! Amberlynn is adorable!

  2. Enjoying granddaughter or posting more to the blog? You made the correct choice. :) You are now posting at approximately the same rate I am.

    Your stitching is beautiful as usual.

    You cannot predict what a child's favorite toy will be and it's funny how often it's not a toy at all. Keep enjoying her.

  3. Great progress on your projects. They all look great. I feel your winter pain. It wouldn't be so bad if I could stay in the house and not have to go to work each day.

  4. everything looks great Nancy!!!! When you pick the big project up again, you will be ready to work on it!!
    Amberlyn is just too adorable!!!

  5. The RR is beautiful. Great stitching.
    Lol, yep toys, they always want something else don't they? :)

  6. Just plain simple neat works! Well done!
    "Why do I buy her toys???" Lol.
    Hugs, sweetie!


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