Sunday, December 12, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

As you can see....this is our first real snow of the year and it's the wet, stick to the trees kind! Very pretty, but glad it came on a Sunday and I can stay inside.

Lots of stitching photos to catch up on since the last post! First up I had Lauren pick out Amberlyn's ornament for the year and she picked one from the JCS 10th Anniv. ornament book. The hair took me over 2 nights to do! I don't like cutting oval forms and it has me looking to find what I can buy to cut perfect ovals. I'm really not interested in cutting my own mats for framing, but I do want to cut perfect shapes. I guess I need to see what my options are. Anyone have suggestions? Next up is a new start and finish! In one of my groups we started a "mystery" start. If you guess what it is, you get to start a mystery. I've had this pattern for at least a couple years and just never got around to doing it. So I started, and finished! I have the buttons on order. He should be holding 3 snowballs. Then I'll turn him into a flatfold.

I did a bit more on Natalie's RR, so here is when I got it and then what it looks like now.

And then the only other thing I worked on was my Mystic- Seasonal Collide. I'm still working on the first tree (which I think is the most boring one as colors go) I am almost done with this page.

Preparing for Christmas is going like it probably is for everyone else. You never feel like you're ready, but it comes no matter what and you get through it. All 3 of my trees are up and my house has been transformed to enjoy for the next few weeks.
I'll leave you with a picture of Amberlyn checking out the first tree I put up this year. I hope everyone has a happy holiday!


  1. Nice stitching projects. Are you being hit by the storm. So far we have some but not as bad as some places but the system isn't over yet.

  2. Love the stitching pics!
    Amberlyn is adorable as ever.
    Try templates that the craft stores sell in the scrapbooking section.

  3. Hi Nancy, I have to agree with the templates for scrap-booking they work fantastically and are super simple. Most templates have multiple sizes and sometimes there will be a variety of oval shapes as well. OR, if there is a store which does framing in your area sometimes they will be happy to clear out their old matt board and cut some freebies for you. Most of them have the computer generated cutters and it only takes a couple of seconds to get a cut in whatever shape you like.

    Where did that time go,,,Amberlyn is growing to fast, but so cute to see. Thanks for sharing her with us again.
    Be always in stitches.

  4. Great stitching, Nancy.

    We got a lot of the wet heavy stuff again this weekend, along with freezing rain. Then overnight it drifted really bad. Glad it happened over the weekend!

    I got my Christmas stuff up this weekend, too.

  5. They are all so pretty. The swarovski crystal are hot fix that I add to my projects. They are put on using an iron. 3 second and they adhere. Its pretty cool to use.

  6. Beautiful photo of the snow. But please keep it there. :)

    I think the angel ornament for Amberlyn is just beautiful. And the finishing looks great.

  7. The hair looks awesome! And I love Chilly- he's just so cute!

    - Lisa N.

  8. Beautiful ornament. It looks awesome. Love the hair. Lauren made a good choice.
    Love Chilly too.
    Your mystic looks fantastic and I simply LOVE that sampler.

  9. Congrats on all finishes!!! Amberlyn is a big girl now! Merry Christmas and happy New Year!!!

  10. Great updates. I think your ornament came over very nice. Happy New Year


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