Thursday, November 18, 2010

A special get together!!!

Before I get to the good stuff I have to say that I got back on a roll with my Mystic and worked on it pretty much exclusively the end of Oct and beginning of Nov. I don't know why these pieces are so hard to put down. There wasn't lots of confetti so I made some nice progress.
But the most exciting thing is that 5 of my stitching friends (from 5 different states!) took time out of their busy schedules to come to Michigan and spend some quality time together. We met at my house, did some hot tubbing, wine drinking and non-stop conversation. The next day we headed over to the West side of the state and stopped at Stitching Bits and Bobs. Spent almost 3 hours there and then to South Haven (on Lake Michigan) where we had rented 2 cottages. We shared our WIP, purchases at the store and finishes. We even had a couple finishes over the weekend. A cube and and a flatfold. I learned a new finish and got a lesson from Karen on how to make a beaded scissor fob. Isn't it pretty? There really wasn't very much stitching going on. I have found I do my best stitching alone!! LOL
I gave each person a mitten ornament (to symbolize the state of Michigan).
I persuaded Karen to bring her HAED World Tree so I could work on it. I actually finished the 2nd page for her. I guess I should ask when she wants it back!
I have finished 2 more ornaments that were stitched awhile ago and I had my stocking finished for Amberlyn. You can't see it, but the stocking has beautiful blue velvet on the back! Here is the link to my 2010 finishes album if you want to see other angles of the finishes.
And I haven't gotten any new photos of Amberlyn since Halloween, so here she is as a witch...and chewing on her glow stick.I hope everyone has a calm beginning to the holiday season and can enjoy all the little moments!!! Thanks for stopping by!!


  1. How nice to see you back again Nancy,your stitching is wonderful and Lake Michigan would be a wonderful area to stitch for a weekend. Oh and what a cutie patutie your little Amberlyn is.
    Be always in stitches.

  2. Now that sounds like it was a lot of fun. From which 5 states did these gals come?

  3. oh wow! I didn't know you were having a get together! How fun!! And right in my backyard...well, sort of!!!
    All of the finishes look great & I do see a familiar finish!!!!
    Amberlyn is sure a cutie!!

  4. You have some gorgeous finishes...I really like the Sugar Plums ornament and the stocking turned out great!
    Good times with close friends are the BEST of times :)

  5. Your stitching is lovely as always and Amberlyn is the cutest little witch that I've ever seen!!!

    I have a kit with six Christmas Village ornament and I think your is from same series... which one will you stitch next?

  6. And fun it was!! I love my mitten and fob, too! Your Mystic is just breathtaking, too, especially IRL. Amberlyn is just darling. :)

  7. I love the mittens and Mystic is beautiful!!! Amberlyn is a cutie. My niece is Amberlynn (just turned 16) I thought she was the only one!!!!

  8. Oh yes it is time to get out the mittens especially since snow is forecasted for Thanksgiving weekend. Sounds like you had a lot of fun at your get together. Nice wip's. Amberlynn is so cute and growing!

  9. Sounds like a great time was had by all.

    Your stitching is beautiful as always;)

    Amberlynn is adorable, the cutest witch I've ever seen.

    Happy Holidays

  10. Great Stitching, Nancy as always.

    Take Care & Happy Stitchin'...
    Hugs, Sandy

  11. Niced stitching. Amberlyn is cute :)

  12. Your stitching trip sounds like a lot of fun. Amberlyn looks so cute in her costume. Your stitching is coming along great.

  13. How wonderful you were able to get together with friends. Your finishes look great, good progress on mystic and that World Tree Haed looks intriguing! I'm going to have to search for that one - I'd love to see what the finished piece looks like.

    Amberlyn sure has grown!

  14. Beautiful finishes and Mystic is coming along nicely. Getting together with other stitchers is always enjoyable. Enjoy the Holiday Season.


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