Monday, October 26, 2009

Have you ever felt lost?

Stitching wise, I mean?? Well that's how I felt last week. After finishing Fruit and Cheese and having a great weekend with friends and seeing all their WIP, I just didn't know what to stitch. So I decided to have a start and finish all within 2 days. My son loves my sports coaster I made for him (and they actually use them!!!) so I decided to make his old roommate a Green Bay Packer one. Carl and Brett went to the Packers/Lions game last weekend and I know Tom likes the one Christmas present down!!

Then it was time to revisit my castle.....thinking positive thoughts here. I added a couple more rounds on the spider web stitch (which I didn't do right in the first place and then finished part 2!!!! Unfortunately I was looking at another blog and got a close up of what they are really supposed to look like and I was really disappointed in mine. I decide to cut one out and redo it the right way. They look slightly better, but I still think it's because of the *twisted* premium floss and not the way DMC lays flat. I will redo the remaining 14, but only when I am working on that particular color.
Next up? Well the WIP photos people are putting up on the Fairy Garden (A Chatelaine design) were just too hard to resist, so I finally got that one out. I worked 2 days of this and here is where it stands now. I am so glad I did my first one that released a part a month, because I'm not sure I'm smart enough to figure out where all the specialty stitches go and which ones!!! I might just have to travel out to the border now and leave the petals alone. 2 pieces with specialty stitches can cause havoc to this cross stitch lover!!!
In my last post I forget to put a photo of Amberlyn!! I could I forget?? Well here is my latest. She's had 2 ear infections now.....the fun begins. All the local schools are closed for the flu outbreak, most return this Wednesday. Glad I got my shot since I'm around that age at work all day!
Have a great week and keep those needles smoking!


  1. Beautiful stitching Nancy. I hope you can get your stitches to sit how you want them to, I hadn't even heard of spider web stitches until your post!
    Amberlyn is such a cutie! I hope she is done with the ear infections from now on.

  2. Cute pic of Amberlyn. I can empathize with you on the specialty stitches. Some of them drive me crazy!

  3. OK - I have both of your blogs listed. I thought this looked a tad familiar! Great work! And I forgot to add to the other one how cute your little Amberlyn is!

  4. Castles!!! So great to see a progress pic. I think yours look alright on the specialty to leave if you want Nancy.

    Such a cute little girl!! :)

    That fairy garden? is that a chatelaine?

  5. Amberlyn is GORGEOUS.
    I love speciality stitches...but sometimes they can be a pain in the butt, and I don't like to have 2 projects going with both speciality stitches. That would drive me crazy too.
    I'm not sure if that might help, but if that thread acts a bit like perle, then detangling and using a laying tool might make a huge difference. Looking forward to hear how you solved it.

  6. Ohhh...forgot....great coaster!!! And your Fairy Garden looks great

  7. Amberlyn is a cutie patootie!

    I love the coaster--great job.

    Your other WIPs look great,too... good luck getting everything to lay properly, etc. I go through phases with specialty stitches. Sometimes I like them, other times I just don't have the patience.

  8. You have some very pretty WIPs on the go. I love all the colours you stitch them with, so lively and expressive.
    What a lovely picture of Amberlyn.

  9. Amberlyn is getting prettier and prettier in each photo.

    Your stitching is fabulous. Especially Castle. Good luck with the specialty stitches. And they look fine to me. :)

  10. Great stitching as usual and Amberlyn is growing like a weed, so cute.

  11. Amberlyn is such a sweetie!
    Pretty stitching on your both pieces.
    I agree with Gabi: specialty stitches looks better if you keep the floss flat.
    have a great week!

  12. Your wips are looking good. I also hate speciality stitches.

  13. Cute coaster! I've gotta start making holiday coasters for the home. I've wanted to for years, just keep putting it off. Your WIPs are looking great. Amberlynn is too cute. Hope the ear infections stop for her real soon.


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