Sunday, October 4, 2009

Fall Update

Well once again, its' been awhile for another blog post. I'm sure you're chomping at the bit to hear about my life! Since the last post we've been to Wisconsin (3 days) for a wedding, and it's been the official kick off of the NFL football season!!! What does that mean? Well for me, it means ALL day to stitch while Carl is in the basement with his laptop, 3 TV's and the NFL Channel. Plus most Sunday's he plans the dinner and has been making crock pot recipes never before tried....and it's been good! Also I had a stitching friend stop by for a few hours and had a very nice chat. We had only met once, 2 years ago when I had several stitchers over one Saturday. We really didn't get much of a chance to chat then and it was so nice to have her back again and get to know each other. Plus it's always fun having someone WANT to see your stitching and oogle over it! Only 1 1/2 weeks until I leave for Pennsylvania and the Stitching Jubilee and meeting at least 3 other friends for the first time!! I'm really looking forward to that weekend!
Last weekend Lauren and Amberlyn took a trip with me to Kazoo and went to a *Mom to mom* sale. We were looking for toys since she doesn't have any. Well I think we did quite well. We got several different toys (about 10) for around $25. Kids toys are way overpriced and this was quite the bargain. Amberlyn was a good girl and then we got to stop and see my son and my parents before heading home. On the trip there, I stopped at my LNS and picked up my finally framed TTM. So now it's hanging proudly in my foyer! This is a 36" X 36" frame!!!
I also spent some time last Sunday framing Amberlyn's birth sampler. I think the framed ended up being the perfect color!
As far as stitching goes, I finished a WHOLE page on my Mystic and I have continued with it and I probably have just one full page to go. I am on a mission now to get it done and then start a stocking for Amberlyn.
I also got one word on Paula's RR done and have the 2nd one started. I stitched the word *create*. We only have one more rotation and this year's RR will be done, but we have decided we will do another next year. It's been a great success too!!!
Well that's all from cold rainy southern MI where we skipped right over fall and have turned the furnace on. And of course no post is complete without an update of Amberlyn. This is probably from about 2 weeks ago.
Sooner or later she will get some hair!! LOL


  1. TTM looks superb in your foyer. If you ever get tired of it, let me know and I'll send you my addy. I'd even pay postage! :)

    Amberlyn is such a doll! I remember when our son was a baby, my Avon lady had a baby about the same age. He didn't get any hair till he was at least two, but when he did it was gorgeous.

    Love your slide show. You sure have done some wonderful projects!

  2. What a great place for your stitching!! Amberlyn is adorable - hair will come - my son didn't get any til he was almost 3 - lol

  3. The TTM looks great. I love your wall color! The RR looks like fun too. Sounds like a lot of fun this week.

  4. Hmmmm....which blog to follow now??? LOL. I'm in LOVE with your Tuscany. It looks awesome in your stairway. The colors simply compliment each other. Great stitching on everything else too. Will cross fingers that Fruit and Cheese rolls off your fingers with ease. And Amberlyn is a cutie.

  5. Oh the Mystic is beautiful! And almost done too! Amberlyn is soooo cute!!

  6. Your stitching is beautiful as usual. Love the photo of your angel. Got so much to catchup on....


  7. Great update Nancy. It looks like you might have another finish before the year is out. Cute granddaughter.

  8. Absolutely adorable finishes! Well done!!! =)
    Gotta laugh with "sooner or later she will get some hair!!" LOL =D

  9. Adorable little girl, your granddaughter!
    Tuscany framed and beautiful hanging in your foyer. Are you stitching more Chatelaines at the moment?

  10. Your framed project in the foyer is beautiful. I hope you enjoy your stitching jubilee. The ornaments I made are for gifts and the Shephard's Bush one's are for me. I don't like departing with my stitching pieces, but they make great gifts. Thank you for you kind words. Cindy


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