Sunday, December 1, 2013

Another 3 months.....

Where does the time go?? It's hard to remember what has happened in the last few months. I'll try and catch you up and not be too boring. Again, if you are on instagram, look me up, it's much simpler to post a quick photo there. I'm ndmurdock on Instagram. I'm just starting to use it more regular and don't have many that I follow, or follow me. But I would if I knew you were there!

In the fall, I wanted to "stitch for a purpose" so I decided to join the Yahoo group called American Soldier Memorials. You pick a fallen soldier and stitch a piece for the family they left behind. The list of fallen soldiers is daunting. I couldn't just do an eeny, meeny miney mo. I wanted to have some sort of connection. I went on FB asking friends to help. Well I found a perfect family. Their son was just 6 months younger than my son, he graduated from the High school that my mom graduated (and was valedictorian) from. They gave the first scholarship in his name to my friends husband (my friend was also an old girlfriend of my son). He is buried in the same cemetery as my grandmother. And one final odd connection. His funeral was at the same funeral home as my Dad, just 6 months after my Dad. It is a large city, so there are lots of choices out there. Anyway, I tracked them down and they accepted my offer. I sent them several photos of patterns and they chose this one and asked for a personal message in the ribbons. So this is not how the pattern is charted. I went to their house and we got to know each other and then went out to lunch. They are such a great couple and my heart breaks for all those that have lost a son/daughter, husband/wife. 
There are plenty of names left if you want to give this gift to a deserving family. 

I "finished" my October cottage, which means my series is now completed. Here it is, I totally took liberty with this one and changed all the colors to be more Halloweeny and added bats and a moon and a spider charm. These all hang out around my craft room doorway when they are not on display on my calendar. I'm so glad I did the series and I will enjoy them for years to come. 
I took some time away from my Mystic for a few weeks and stitched up this pattern that was given to me by my friends in The Stitchers Village. I had the pale yellow material (it's much more yellow in real life)  set aside for it for quite some time and I started and finished it in a couple weeks. It's a pattern by Cross Eyed Cricket and now I want to do all the seasons. 
So here is my update on Balcony View of a Villa by Mystic Stitch:
Last photo: 
and now
Our office dressed up for Halloween, it's quite the process. First we have to think of possibilities, then we bring the ideas to a meeting, we vote on the theme we like the best and then when we decide we choose who we want to be. This year was Toy Story and I was Jesse. I had someone make my costume for me. She was obviously a sew-er so I made a little altoid tin for her to keep any stitching notions she may want to keep safe.
Then my last project.....I've had this in my stash for awhile. I bought the bead pack and material some time ago. It's one of those patterns that gets my attention every time I open the "to be stitched" drawer. I broke down and started it the beginning of November. Here is where I am right now. I plan on completing it in the near future and using my works Christmas money next year to frame it using Jill Rensel again. It's Mira's Winter Winter Santa. 
You would think that I've had nothing to do the past few months with all the projects I've shown. It's amazing myself when I look back. But along with all this stitching my Mom was hospitalized with pneumonia and then was in rehab for a couple weeks. During that time I was traveling to see her on my days off. Then the decision was made to move her into an apartment and out of her condo that she has lived for the last 6 years. So with that decision being made, now I have been traveling an hour to help her sort her things, decide what goes with her and finding long lost things my Dad had kept. One treasure I found were 2 pencil drawings that my Great, great grandfather drew. They are dated in the 1880's. I am framing this one for myself for Christmas. 
This fall there is a local photographer that I have been following on Facebook and I love his work. I decided to get my daughter and grand daughter an appt for some outdoor photos this fall. I got in a couple and this one is my favorite. 
Are you still with me??? :-) Well that about wraps it up from here. I had planned on putting up my Christmas tree and stitching today.....what have I been doing??? Trying to get this update posted! I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season celebrating what is important to you! From the looks of it, I won't be back until February or so. That is just 3 months away. 


  1. Wonderful updates on all of your projects! I love hte drawing you found - what a treasure! Good luck with your mom's move :)

  2. What a great update! I love how your office picks a theme for Halloween. I love the piece you did for the solider and his family. Spring is beautiful and the altoid tin is lovely. Beautiful picture of you and your family. The drawing is a true treasure and beautiful. Have a great holiday season!

  3. So good to get caught up with you, Nancy!! What a busy three months you've had and I'm so glad that you still found time for some beautiful stitching and finishing! And what a special finish for the family of the fallen soldier. I just can't imagine losing one of my sons to war (or anything, really!)...

    The kids must just love coming to your office on Halloween--what a great group costume and I love the little tin you made for the lady who sewed your costume.

    It's so hard to watch our parents fail... I hope your mom is very happy in her new apartment and that you'll have fewer worries about her. Wishing you and your family a lovely Christmas together--I do love your fall family portrait :)

  4. So great to see a blog update from you, Nancy. And you really have been so busy on the stitching front.
    You stitched a wonderful tribute to that fallen soldier. So great for his family and I'm sure they will appreciate it forever.

    I have always loved your idea to hang the monthly cottage with the wooden calendar. So you always have a new sight. And no wonder that you want to do all the CEC seasons now - Spring looks gorgeous. CEC has some absolutely great charts, I have some of them in my stash but never stitched one. I should chnage this, lol.

    Great progress on your Balcony View project. It gets more and more beautiful the more you complete on it. And your new piece, the Winter Santa, is just as beautiful. You chose a great fabric for him. I know the feeling when you come across a great pattern and know that you really really have to stitch it. Now. Then the only thing you can do is to start stitching it, lol.

    I hope everything goes well with your mom.

  5. Nancy all of your projects look great! Love the picture of you, your daughter and grandaughter. You did fit alot of stitching into your busy life.

  6. Nancy all of your projects look great! Love the photo of you, your daughter and grand daughter! You did fit alot of stitching into your busy life.


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