Saturday, January 5, 2013

Some old and new........

Here it is the new year, I knew I wouldn't get another post in before the end of the year. I had to read my last blog post to see where I left off. I don't have much new to share this time. Here is the last of the 3 ornaments I couldn't share before Christmas. Pattern is by Homespun Elegance.
I also found a local person to "finish" the stocking for Henry. I was very pleased with her sewing and will use her again when needed. I got to give it to them about 2 weeks before Christmas. So just in time!

My boss gives us money each year to buy something for ourselves. I decided to use part of the money to get my Mystic Stitch Seasonal Collide framed. I took it to Hobby Lobby for framing. I think it was the first time I've used them. I was pretty happy with the price. Here is a close up of the frame.
And the the whole piece.
Then I started a new piece after Thanksgiving. Cirque des Cercles by Ink Circles. I wanted to do this for my master bathroom in grays and burgundy's . I searched high and low for a variegated thread to no avail. So I contacted Carrie at Carries Threads and she did a special dye job for me. I had her do this in silk for me. I am doing the big inner circles in 2 strands and all the outline of the smaller circles. The 2 circles in the middle on the sides are also 2 strands. The rest of the pattern is done with just 1 strand. I wanted to add some beads, so the outline of the large circles will be beads and the 4 corner circles will be done in all beads. I had already stitched the upper right circle so I am leaving that for now, just in case I don't like the beads (but I'm sure I'll be unstitching that corner!)
I now have to wait for my beads to arrive. I had a partial package that I was only able to get about 3/4 of one big circle done. So this finish will be in my next post!
Christmas was fun with a 3 yr old and here's a couple pictures to share.

This is the doll we took to the hospital in Chicago and got the new head! It sure is nice to be able to give our granddaughter the same doll that her mother played with as a child.


  1. Nancy, your projects are gorgeous. I'd like to get back into xstitch but just have to catch up with my garment sewing first.

    Happy New Year!

  2. Your stocking is beautiful. Wow all your projects are incredible and amazing. Mystic Stitch Seasonal Collide Is FANTASTIC. Great gift to your self to get in framed. I've not seen this design let alone a finished one....Gorgeous!!! Your Ink Circles design is spectacular to get to see. Congratulations on your finishes:)
    love Annette

  3. Your granddaughter is adorable! Lovely finishes and stitching. Happy new year to you and yours!

  4. What a smile from your darling granddaughter--you can tell how delighted she is with her gift :)

    I just love your HE finish, Nancy. I've had that in my stash for years--really need to finish it off this year. And your stocking is perfect--so glad you found a good local finisher.

    I have to say I'm jealous of your Christmas gift--how generous of your boss!! You know what our Christmas "bonus" is at the library--one red apple! Yep, that's it--almost insulting, isn't it?
    Anyway, the money was well spent on that gorgeous frame--really an impressive finish!

    Happy New Year to you and your entire family!!

  5. so happy to see Seasons Collide framed....gorgeous!!! And the stocking finished.....looks great!
    And the HE ornament...perfect...
    and then your sweet adorable!!!

  6. CDC is an amazing stitch. I like all your ideas about personalising it.

  7. Beautiful framing, that picture is awesome.the circles pattern is so unique, I would not be able to do that one it makes me dizzy. The stocking is great a wonderful gift.Your grand daughter is gorgeous and Christmas in the swimming pool makes me jealous

  8. Love it all, but especially the doll pic. Look at her face!

  9. What a wonderful ornament. Love it.
    Great stocking too. What a beautiful frame for your Mystic Stitch. And of course I love all pics of little Amberlyn. Hope that is spelled right. I'm just terrible when it comes to names.
    Amazing that it was warm enough at your place to have a splash in the pool.

  10. Beautiful stitching! Love the seasons collide! It looks fabulous. Happy stitching for 2013!

  11. Love the framing! It really makes the piece pop!


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