Tuesday, March 20, 2012

1st day of Spring or Summer, is it June or March?

I know this is a stitching blog, but I have to start out with the fact that we are consistently having 80 degree days in March and everything is about 5-6 weeks ahead of schedule around here! That and the fact our furnace has been off for a week and we have been leaving the windows open at night too!

I've been missing lately because of work on my craft room and having a 9 day vacation to California. My room is coming along and right now I can only show my desk and wall unit, as the rest of the room isn't finished yet. It's all painted, but I need to get some more things installed and then rehang my photos. Now that the weather is so nice, it's being ignored again!  
This picture is right after painting the purple and green walls. This one is the desk I put together.

I took some ideas off the internet for material storage and ribbon storage. This is my wall unit and close ups of my finishing materials and the bottom is my cross stitch material. If you look closely you can see some of the stitching gifts I have received over the years.

Our vacation was great. Stayed with some old friends for a few days and then headed on to Palm Springs for 5 days. The weather was awesome, the mountains beautiful and we golfed twice at 2 very different courses. I did almost have a heart attack though while sitting by the pool the wind gusted very strongly and the plastic bag I used to carry all 3 projects I took with me ended up floating in the pool!!! Luckily the water didn't get inside the open bag and it blew across the pool to the other side where I could retrieve it!

I did finish my March cottage from CCN,

I used some satin stitches and french knots for the sheep.
 I finished Afraid of the Dark by Blue Ribbon Designs

I know, not much of a stitching update, but really I have been busy with other things lately!

We had a St Pats party last weekend and here's a photo of me and my husband.
No Amberlyn update, I guess as she gets older I'm not taking as many photos....or the fact she doesn't sit still! She has been potty trained and that really makes her seem like a big girl now! Well that's it for now, hopefully I won't stay away so long next time and I hope to have more photos of my room and stitching, of course! Happy, happy Spring to all!!!!


  1. Oooo California vacation! I know you had a great time. Thank you for sharing pictures. Your craft room comes along nicely and stitching is lovely, as always.

  2. all of your flowers are gorgeous........and isn't this weather too!?!?!?! Never in our neck of the woods do we get this warm this early in the year! LOVIN' IT!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Congrats on the finishes.....they look great!!!
    And your room is looking great too...check my latest blog entry....I updated my craft room as well!!

  3. We broke a record here today, Nancy, with our 80 degree weather--gotta love it!!! Your craft room is looking great--I love that corner desk... And your wall unit for your finishing materials is spectacular!! I have an old armoire that I really should try to modify into stitching storage...

    So glad you enjoyed CA--and what a relief that you could rescue your projects from the pool...

    Cute little March cottage and the BRD is adorable! Looking forward to seeing more craft room photos when you have them for us...

  4. Hello

    Just found your lovely blog.

    Lovely spring flowers!

    Your craftroom is looking great. I love your desk and your lovely tidy storage cupboard.

    Great holiday photos.

    Your March cottage looks lovely.

  5. It's been pretty warm here in NC too! My daffys bloomed in late January! I have enjoyed your organization pictures and have been inspired! You are joining my list of favorite blogs with the Liebster Blog Award! Just visit my blog post from today (22nd) for details!

    -Kathy, aka StitchinKat

  6. Thank you so much for sharing your pictures! I love both of your finishes!
    What a great way to store your stash!

  7. Hi Nancy,
    How are you darling? You're a busy lady and nothing wrong with that. I love your desk and all the organization of your ribbons and fabrics. You will have a welcoming space when you are done. I would have had a heart attack too if my stash landed in the pool. LOL.
    Thanks for sharing some of your vacation photos. The weather looks wonderful in the photos too.
    I can see why you and DH look festive after finishing your stitched pieces. Congratulations to DD on the potty training, which is a major milestone.
    I look forward to seeing more of your space.
    Take care and have a wonderful Easter.

  8. I really love how you organized and are using that wall unit!

  9. Your vacation muct have been terrific. You certainly still think very often of it.
    Congratulations on your two stitching finishes.


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