Sunday, June 12, 2011

Hang on, it's picture heavy!

It's been a long time since my last update and there has been lots going on around here, so hope you can stay for the ride!
In May my husband and I celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary! He bought me diamond and pearl earrings (Pearl is for 30 apparently-he googled it!) If you click the link you can see the other goodies I got too. We went to Pittsburgh for the weekend and stayed with friends and toured the city and took in a Tigers/Pirates baseball game. This is us before our anniversary dinner and then the skyline of the city. May was also my birthday month and I had told Carl about wanting a cross stitch floor stand. So he told me to buy one for my birthday. Well I will be honest and say I actually got it in March (you know, to see if I liked it!!!) and wasn't supposed to really use it much until then. But I didn't put it away! He said at least he knows it's something I like! It's a Needlework System 4 and so far I just love it. It's very light weight too, so I can see me taking it with me if need be and it's not the travel stand either. What was the first thing I put in the stand?? Well of course my Mystic, Seasonal Collide. I got another page finished. So that's 10 down and 11 to go.
Early in May Carl had some minor out pt surgery and I took another one of my pre-kitted ornaments with me and got this finished up! I really love the kitted things. I just don't see myself doing it for myself!!
And since I am changing my bedroom colors I did finish one piece to match the picture I bought (which is above the bed) and I started on the 2nd one. They are both freebies from My Aunt's Attic. Still don't have the carpet in, Home Depot got the wrong size in and so it had to be reordered. Going on over a month now waiting!!!
I think that catches you up on my stitching lately.
Remember that tree we had to take down last year because it had that Emerald Ash boarer? Well we finally got a replacement! After we planted it, it rained for several days, so it's looking very healthy so far. We've decided we are taking our deck down in the backyard and replacing it with stamped concrete, so maybe next update I'll have some before and after pictures of that! Here's some of my roses last month, they are even more flower covered now!
And Granddaughter turned 2 on June 6! Wow, does time fly. We got her a powered Jeep as one of her presents and she is just getting the hang of how to make it go. This one my daughter took at their house after a hard day of playing outside!
Hope you made it to the end and thanks for stopping in!!!


  1. Don't you LOVE the Needlework 4? I can't live without it. Btw, did you ever try out without the extension piece and what's the difference when using. I don't have one, but it sure looks interesting. Just wondering
    Love your stitching...all of it. Especially the 4 seasons.
    Your bedroom looks great
    And the picture of Amber sleeping on the dog just cracked me up. How cute is that!!!
    She didn't turn 2 already!!! She's JUST born!!!

  2. congratulations. 30 years, wow long time. nice pictures. the picture of your granddaughter with the god is priceless. Time does go fast.

  3. Congratulations on 30 years and a belated Happy Birthday.
    All your stitching is fabulous especially the 4 seasons!
    Thank you for sharing all the pictures and Amber and the dog is just wonderful!

  4. Loved all your pics! Your stitching looks great too! OMG! That pic of your grand-daughter sleeping on the dog is priceless! Congrats on 30 years and Happy Belated Birthday too.

  5. Your earrings a absolutely stunning!! Congrats on a wonderful 30 Years...and here's to many more :)

    The floor stand is awesome. Can you turn your piece over easily to hide threads? Your WIP is looking great too!

    The granddaughter sleeping on the dog, too adorable.

    I look forward to updates to the homestead...

  6. Wow, Nancy, you have been busy. Happy belated (anniversary and birthday). Glad you had a good weekend. It sounds like fun. Would love to see more pics from that weekend. I've never been to Pittsburgh, but I'm a big Steelers fan!! All your stitching looks great, especially your tree. I can't wait to see it finished!!! Roses are gorgeous!! And the floor stand is a great pressie. I'm looking at maybe getting one myself.

  7. Happy Belated Birthday and Anniversary! Both your presents are awesome. Nice stitching, and those are cute photos of you DGD.

  8. Nice to see that you had a wonderful Anniversary and Birthday. Congratulations to all and Many Happy Returns. Lucky Girl.
    I just love the Four seasons, it is a beautiful fact of life.
    and then there is your little driving buddy, Before you know it Amberlyn will be behind the wheel of a real jeep with the puppy at her side rather than just being a comfortable ole sleep. What a treasure.
    Be always in stitches

  9. looks like you had a wonderful anniversary!!!!!! We are just 2 years ahead of you!!! Our 32nd is this week!!!
    Love the pictures of your little one...and happy birthday to her too!!!
    great stitching!!!

  10. Great gifts for your birthday and anniversary!
    The mystic is gorgeous, the orther stitching looks good too. And waw, two years already, time does fly.

  11. I thought pearls and diamonds were for every anniversary. (Sorry, Carl)

    Happy belated Anniversary and a very belated Happy Birthday.

  12. What a beautiful gift. What did men do before the internet? Your remodeling looks is lovely, love the motifs. Granddaughter looks like such a sweetie :D Great blog.
    LiBBiE in Oz

  13. Oh, my gosh, Nancy!! I live in Pittsburgh (well, in the northern suburbs). I hope you enjoyed your visit :) Congratulations on 30 years of marriage --hope you enjoy many more happy years together!

    Love the photos of your sweet granddaughter and your stitching looks wonderful :)

  14. Happy belated anniversary and birthday.
    Your stitching looks so great, Seasonal Collide is a wonderful project.

  15. Happy belated birthday and anniversary! Your earrings a absolutely gorgeous and lovely birthday gift. Love the picture of your daughter and the dog, cute! Your stitching looks beautiful.


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