Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Didn't think I had much to say or show, but WOW!!! (every photo is clickable)

When trying to think of what I needed to write about more and more things were coming to mind, so this will be picture heavy!!
First, I saw Vonna's blog and her pictures of her stitching chest. I went searching ebay and found one, sent the link to Carl as a suggestion for my birthday this year (not for months) and low and behold he bought it and didn't save it for Feb 14, Mother's day, Anniv or birthday and gave it to me the day it arrived!!! I don't have a place next to my stitching area like Vonna has, but it has a home in my craft room and I love it. Thanks Sweetie!!!! And I have a full drawer still not used!

Second, I was in a Valentine Exchange and Carolyn sent me the neatest tin!!! She put so much thought into the whole Valentine theme putting it together for me, don't you just love it??? More photos of the whole exchange can be seen here
Third, I sent out my Valentine exchange to Anita. It's my 2nd finish for the year. It wasn't Valentine themed, but it was in her favorite colors!

Fourth, I had my son's old girlfriend over with her new baby and gave her my 3rd finish of the year. Her husband is in Iraq now and we had a good time with Lauren, her and the 2 babies!
5th -I worked a bit more on Snowflakes:
6th-Jodie's RR:
My focus piece has been Fairy Garden. Since the corrected pattern was released I was itching to get back to it. I spent most of the time on the first holly hock, which is tons of confetti!! I got to the outer left border and found out there were mistakes in the original that I stitched. Apparently this was discussed in the group, but I don't remember it. I had to rip it out and redo. I think that is the only part so I'm good to go now. I just had to start my first fairy too! My progress photos and overall can be followed in this album

And lastly when I visited Stephanie last month she wanted to throw away (yes I said THROW away) a kit she had started. I told her to give it to me and I'm sure I would have some takers who would be willing to give it a good home and hopefully finish it. Leave me a comment that you want it and if there are several requests I'll draw a name on Sunday.

To end my post, a photo of Amberlyn in a slightly too small of an outfit, but it's all I had to dress her in. Yes, it's supposed to be long pants, and I didn't have it snapped up the back either! Poor thing, and yes, I have requested some clothes that fit from her Mom and we can dress her appropriately now.


  1. Your cabinet is fabulous, what a find, and what a nice thing for you DH to give it to you upon arrival. What a sweetheart. I just can't get over how adorable Amberlyn is.
    Be always in stitches.

  2. That is a great cabinet. All your stitching looks good.

  3. Why the cabinet is amazing. :)

    And love your fairy garden. May need to get that lovely Chatelaine.

  4. That cabinet is fantastic--I saw it on Vonna's blog too but unfortunately don't have the $$ at the moment. And I LOVE your tin--actually I love all your work but the tin especially, it looks very elegant!

  5. What a great cabinet! Such a nice DH! You sure have been busy with all those little ones. Too cute!

  6. OH I would love to get this one for hubby.

  7. Hi Nancy,
    Your cabinet is fabulous. I would love to have one, maybe someday. Please enter my name for the drawing of the wolves.
    Pam in PA

  8. That cabinet is gorgeous, and what a darling hubby you have for not making you wait. The stitching is fabulous, of course.

    My husband is wolf-mad and I'd love to be entered in the drawing for the kit if you would be so kind as to add my name?

    On another note, thank you so much for telling me where to order the q-snap huggies - mine arrived this week and I'm in love with them. So many folks have asked where to order that Chris is going to be overrun!

  9. Wow, what a present! The cabinet looks very nice and handy. Babies are fabulous (even if they pants are a little short) and your stitching is stunning.

    I have many wolves in my stash so do not include me in the draw and I'm sure the kit will find a good home.

  10. Wondeful stitching,,love the beautiful thread cabinet. Thanks for sharing the pictures of the girls with their girls.

  11. The cabinet is wonderful! Wish I had something like that! The wolf chart is great too! My husband loves wolves and has always wanted me to do something like that for him!

  12. I would love to have that pattern of the Wolves....


    Your WIP's and that Cabinet are so very pretty...wow...

    Take care & Happy Stitching
    Hugs from Cold Northern Indiana
    Linda K, Railroad

  13. That cabinet is so pretty! Wish I had a thing like that.
    All your stitching looks great, Anita is lucky to have recieved such a beautiful exchange.

    That pattern of the wolves is very beautiful, and I'd love to give it a new home.

  14. I really like your new cabinet . You will find it very usefull. Please enter me in your drawing.

  15. Love the cabinet! It is perfect!

    I also like your Snowflakes. Fairy Graden is going to be another gorgeous piece when it's done. I hope there are no more pattern mistakes. That would be so frustrating.

    And last but not least, Poor Amberlyn with no clothes that fit. What's a girl to do? I know, send Grandpa out shopping! :)

  16. i would love to have the wolves pattern. I like ur Fairy Garden.... looking forward to watch ur progress!


  17. Lovely stitching and love the babies.


  18. your Valentine exchange is great!!! How perfect!! And the piece you sent is gorgeous as well!! Glad your hubby got your hint on the cabinet...how fun!!!
    Love the grandpa/granddaughter picture....too precious!!!!
    thanks for visiting my blog!

  19. Your stitching is so beautiful! I have started Snowflakes but I did not get too far with it. I have to pick it back up now since I saw yours. I love it. The cabinet is gorgeous! It would be so awesome to have one. Your fairy piece looks great.

  20. Love, love, love the chest. How did you search for it? The babies are adorable. Awesome exchanges! Hey, throw my name in the hat for the wolves. For some reason, I've been looking at wolf charts lately.

  21. Is the Fairy Garden chart really $40 and do you think it is worth it? Also, what is the stitch count? I am seriously considering stitching this one and your amazing progress is inspiring me to do so even more.

  22. Drooling over Carl's gift. Love the baby photos. Great stitching and finishing. Nice over one stitching and sweet design.

  23. Love your cabinet! What a great way to organize your stitching stuff!

    Your finishes are wonderful. I wish I were nearly as prolific as you are. Your "Fairy Garden" is going to be so pretty.

    Wanda in Edmonton


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