Saturday, September 22, 2012

I'm back!

Sorry about the delay......since the last post I found out that my "home" site Multiply was closing and I felt a bit lost on how to handle the transition. I know most of you followed me through Blogger, but my start was in Multiply and they would allow me to post my blog there and just "copy" it to blogger.. So I have been avoiding trying to find my alternatives on where to upload photos. Anyway,  I may have it figured out now so this is my first attempt.

Since July I have finished my "I am a Stitcher" piece. Still haven't done anything with it yet, but it is completed.
I also finished my August CCN piece. Yes, this one is also in the waiting to be "finished" pile. All these will be done and hanging on my calendar NEXT year! I changed the color of the house. It was supposed to be blue and I changed the waves to one of the new DMC variegated colors of Mediterrean sea or something like that.
In June I was given this piece and I worked on it as long as I could until other projects got in the way. Here is Karen R's piece when I got it and when I sent it back to her.

In early September I went on a bus trip with my Mom's senior group to Gettysburg and Washington DC. I had never been to either and was looking forward to seeing all the sites. I had wishful thinking by taking 3 small projects to do in the evenings. They got on the bus and left at 8am and we were site seeing ALL day and night until we returned around 9:30 or10 each evening. So no stitching was accomplished. I saw every memorial in DC and LOTS of the highlights. Arlington, The White House, 2 Smithsonian's, US Capital building, Ford Theater, Mt Vernon and I could go on!  I did try and stitch on the bus and got this one started and then finished it when I got home. It's from the JCS 2012 Halloween issue. White Jack-O-Lantern is it's name. Using all the recommended floss. I plan on starting a basket of seasonals. This is my first.
My final project is the stocking I want to finish so that someone (not me) has enough time to make it into a stocking before Christmas. This is for my son's best friends baby. This is one of the old Cross Stitch and Country Crafts patterns. 1995. Sportsman's Dream is the name. I just have the area around the name to finish, hopefully another week or so.  
Several areas are over one for more details.....

That should catch you up on my summer stitching.
If you are still with me, I'll leave you with a couple photos of my trips this summer..
Our trip to Lake Michigan
The World War 2 memorial

The US Capital building with a couple of tourist in front of it. :-)

That's it from my world. Hope you enjoyed the update! Happy Fall!!