Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Time to catch up

8 months? Holy cow!!!!! So much has happened in the last 8 months. My mom has moved and is loving her new apartment in a senior complex. She is no longer depressed and happier than she thought she would be. Yay for her! 

But my big news is that we totally remodeled our whole first floor basically. New kitchen, family and dining room. That was a 4 month project that we  did ourselves with a little help from professionals. We love the new look and now plan on staying here for another 20 years! You can tell its the same house by looking at the doggie screen door on the far left of both before and after photos. Since then my husband has also helped my son remodel his kitchen with our old cabinets. To say the least, he's looking forward to fall/winter to relax!

The finishes I've had this year have been Lizzy Kate's Halloween Rules stitched on PTP Monet.

 I needed to do something other than my Mystic piece.This is not finished yet, I just put it on the bell pull.

We went to the Florida Keys in March to get away from the AWFUL winter in Michigan this year. I took this little project....that had 50 colors.....and was over one on 28 ct! By Blackberry Lane called Snow Day

I also kitted this one on vacation and finished it after getting back and still enjoying the winter....Sleigh Bells by LHN. I have several things now needing finishing.

But most of the year was taken up by remodeling and finishing Balcony View of Villa. 88,500 stitches on 22 ct over one with 2 threads. I started it 2-13 and finished 6-14.This is the finished photo, and not the computer generated one Mystic gives you! The doors look a little wobbly, but it wasn't stretched or framed yet. It's at the framers now and I should have it back sometime next month.

My current WIP's are a new Mystic, Bon Appetito
This is where I was as of July 13...... just a few more stitches before it's done!  :-)   That is the upper left corner if you can't tell.

And I also started another soldier memorial. It is for the other soldier that was killed the same day as Drew, my first soldier piece that I showed on my last entry. 
I guess I need to update you on my Grand daughter too. I know you are wondering! LOL Well she is now 5 and will be starting all day Kindergarten right after Labor Day. She has learned to swim in the deep end of a pool without flotation devices and she went tubing behind our boat too! Time flies. This was just the best Santa, and since I haven't posted since the beginning of Dec 2013 I have to share and then from this June.

Thanks for reading this photo heavy post, maybe someone is still out there! I've been hanging out on FB a lot more than blog post readings. I like these though so I can have a summary for myself. So there's my last 8 months in a nutshell!


  1. I'm still here and it's so good to read a post from you! I literally was just checking your blog over the weekend and wondering what you've been up to. Your stitching is wonderful! I bet you're loving the remodeled areas of your home. You guys did a wonderful job! My hubby uses the fall/winter to do all the inside remodeling projects, which means our living room has been abandoned and left in its unfinished state until later this fall.

  2. Your kitchen looks amazing, Nancy. All of your finishes are beautiful.

    Take Care & Happy Stitchin'
    Hugs, Sandy

  3. Wow such a sweet post
    Your stitching projects are so beautiful
    Sweet hugs x

  4. Welcome back!! You have been super busy!! Love the remodel and all your stitching!! Congrats on that Mystic finish!! It's gorgeous!! Can't wait to follow progress on your new Mystic piece!!

  5. Wow! Your new remodel house is gorgeous! Love it very much! Your finishes are beautiful! Congratulations finishing them! Snow Day looks exquisite. Great job all around. Your grand daughter is so adorable!

  6. Oh my goodness! Your remodel is stunning! I love the colors and just everything :) Your stitching is glorious and I love, love the finishes! Good Going you!

  7. Looking good in the house. Some really pretty finishes.

  8. So nice to see another post from you. So many stitchers have changed over to FB but I still love reading blogs.

    What a job you were doing on the remodeling. Everything is looking so great and I bet you still enjoy seeing the new rooms first thing in the morning. But I can understand that your husband is looking forward to having a quiet winter season, lol.

    Great stitching pictures. Balcony view is spectacular. Love your new starts as well.
    Lovely pictures of your granddaughter.


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