Tuesday, April 19, 2011

23 days after the last post

and things have changed in my family. I lost my Dad on April 7. He was a part of the "greatest generation" and he proudly served as a navigator in a B25 in WWII. He had a great life of 85 years and I will miss him dearly. The last few months I had the pleasure to spend a couple days each week with him and I will treasure that time I had. I got to say goodbye too, which some people never get to do and I am thankful for that.....as hard as it was to do. My husband didn't get that opportunity.

Now onto the stitching since that is what probably brought you here! I took my stitching with me to my parents and finished a couple pieces while there. My 2 year Mill Hill RR is done. I finished the bakery and then I added all the buttons (except one that broke). My plan is to mount it onto another piece of foam core that is wrapped in Christmas material. If I don't like it, I can always change my mind, but that's my idea for now.
Some of my XS friends decided to do an ornament kit exchange. You pick a pattern and then supply all the material to complete it. I took Lyne's kit with me one weekend and I finished it. It was perfect for traveling since I knew all I had to take was a needle and scissors!! This one came from the 2010 JCS Ornament Magazine.
I joined a Halloween SAL that was supposed to be the week my Dad passed, so I have been working on it the last few days. It's the Witches Wheel. I think I'm going to start adding the beads soon, so I can see how those will add to it.
A long time ago I finished a birthday gift for Carolyn's 55th birthday, but I couldn't share it until her birthday (which happened after the last blog post), so now that she's received it I can share that finish too! If you click on her link you can see how I personalized it. My picture doesn't show it!
We are still in the process of remodeling our bed and bathroom.....but painting is done, some fixtures have been changed out, but we still need new carpeting and the vanity and sink installed. Pictures will have to wait until it's done. And I'm going to have to break my streak of posting Amberlyn photos. We have seen her, but haven't been taking any photos lately. But she's just a cute as ever but is getting just a bit more of an attitude!! :-)
Thanks for stopping by!